Thursday, December 05, 2013

Last Few Days

My classmates; Fussball Champs!
Nine months in New Zealand have elapsed too fast and now it a week away from returning back to Bhutan. The last week at the institute looking at friends and saying to myself we might not see again or we could? It reminiscences of my final days  on similar situations in my School and College. I thoroughly enjoyed the stay, experienced differences in way of life, met people with diverse cultural background and religions, living away from home for the first time and first training abroad after getting employed, which all added different lessons to my personal journey. 
The stay wouldn’t have been so fruitful without warm hospitality of Kiwis and the unforgettable experiences with Bhutanese diaspora here. It was in the beginning that I quite often missed home and and the love of my family but now I have endured enough to feel myself gravitated to this place. I will definitely miss the life I had in New Zealand, the leather couch where I spent most of my leisure time reading books and browsing internet and studying for the examinations. The pet doggy, Casper, which always loved rice and chicken but the owner wouldn’t allow, so I used to feed him whenever we are alone and he loves it.  Casper is cunning enough to acts like he hated me in his  owner’s presence; even if I call, he simply slinks away with his tail down, that is very dodgy Casper.  
Apart from my normal studies, I was happy to be able to attend Buddhist teachings and Meditation classes regularly on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. I met many wonderful people of different nationality with strong urge to practise Buddhism which always encouraged me too. We went around together, we gathered for shared meals and we were eager to see each other pursuing common goal. The pleasant moments with those people will be one of the hardest thing to let go off my memory. I hope that I have described the facts about Bhutan in idyllic pictures on political, Buddhism, cultural and GNH to lure them; I can see keenness in some of them to visit Bhutan. Honestly speaking, I understood and appreciated Bhutan more than ever before while making them feel the same.
These last few days always makes me feel sentimental to look back. But that is the way of life, after all nothing lasts forever. Speaking strictly from Buddhist point of view, everything is impermanent and realising the fact that it is going to end one day, I don’t crave for longer stay anymore.
As the course ends, I can see some of my friends excited to start with newly offered jobs and some little nervous of finding one. I feel more excited than ever before to join back to Drukair and can’t actually wait to get back in touch with our old friends, A319s. It makes better sense after having decent knowledge of what I am doing. I am indebted to Drukair for time, money and faith entrusted on me. I have to keep this feeling resonating and repay not just with words but with attitude and approach at my workplace.
I am equally excited to get back to my co-workers with whom I used to share so much of fun and laughter on daily basis. Our topics of conversations includes professional to politics, business to religion, success to failure and anything human mind can think of. I will be back to same business which relieves me a lot to think about.  
As articulated in  foregoing, I feel gravitated to New Zealand for spending almost one precious year of my life but still I always feel I belong to Bhutan, where the life so complacent, social vitality is still very strong, sustainability and happiness are deliberated on day-to-day basis. Afterall, whatever our career or personal goals may be, the ultimate destination is to make oneself happy. I am coming home-Happy Bhutan.


  1. Congratulation! for successfully completing your one year stay in the land of Kiwis.... Sounds like you had a great and wonderful stay there.... Finally u r coming back with loads of knowledge and exposure.... welcome back!!!!

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  3. Wonderful thoughts and wirteup

  4. Congratulation! well written...........Welcome back.......

  5. Tashi Delek and congratulation for ur success. See u soon

  6. Thanks for taking time to read.
    @passang, I wish later part of your comment holds true for me, anyway
    thanks for having those expectations from me ... see you soon

  7. Wow...nice write up. Keep blogging for I enjoy going through your articles

  8. I didn't even know that you were there and now you are already coming home. Congrats and welcome home. See you soon. Cheers!