Monday, October 31, 2011

The Flattened World

This book review was  done by Mr. Sangchu while in Second Year in the year 2008 at College of Science and Technology. He is currently Tariff Officer at Bhutan Electricity Authority.

THE WORLD IS FLAT  by Thomas L. Friedman
Ap Sangchu
Running with Gazelles, Eating with lions. 

Thomas L. Friedman has probably written the single most important book of this century. Globalization has/will supercede all traditional boundaries of sex, class, race and nationality. This is one of the chapters discussed by the author as the one of the ten forces that flattened the world. I too find this particular topic very important and will influence the lives of millions of people globally. And it is very important that all Bhutanese prepare themselves before this force hit our country and create a change which we are unaware of.
On December 11, 2001, China formally joined the world trade organization, which meant Beijing agreed to follow the same global rules governing imports, exports, and foreign investments that most countries in the world were following. It meant China was agreeing, in principle, to make its own playing field as level as the rest of the world.