Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sangbeykha gets new lopen

The only lobdra in entire Sangbay Dungkhag (under Haa Dzongkha) was established under the command of HH Je Khenpo in the year 1999-2000 at Nebji/Terbae (land of hidden treausres). Only 15 novices led by a teacher and an assistant constituted the lobdra then. I had privilege to know every details of progresses made by those novices as most of them were my own batch mates from the school and I was well close to instructors. They made remarkable progress. That pace, definitely, had out beaten any other well established institutes in the country. Consequently, it supplied our community with erudite monks that are well versed in ritual performing fields and I am very happy to see many from that group are doing well in different parts of the country. And some inevitably had to surrender red-robes for social obligations.

The Lobdra itself stood the change of time over past decade with the society questioning it’s sustainability, especially for shortage of rations and declining in number of new enrolments every year. It is also the case elsewhere in remote places. Anyhow, it eased the burden on patrons looking for reciters of religious congregations. It is undeniable to see the benefits reaped by our community. I have slight inkling in my mind that it is not so well established and not so officially arranged by concerned authorities. The folks back at village share the concerns of its sustainability; to get good instructor, to supply perpetual rations, to consolidate the bureaucracy, etc. Hope we will be able to systematize everything in a perfect channel with time. But, we can’t afford to let it happen by itself. Pay attention to it, my dear fellow Sangbebs.

We are fortunate to have Lam Taki, the ex lam Neten of Haa Rabdey as the instructor of the lobdra. I thank him for his dedications, hard works and selflessness, especially to initiate the reconstruction of the lhakhang. It is so good of him. I know, he really had a tough time handling simple yet complicated situations. Every time we meet him, the chit-chat revolves around lhakhang reconstruction efforts, that’s his commitment. Some people might had good time and some must had bad times with him, that is the way of human life and no one is to blame for that. But now he will be missed. 
Thank you so much and we pray for your good health and successes in all your pursuits.

Old Nebji Lhakhang 
Front view of new Lhakhang under construction (June, 2011) 

Left Side view of new lhakhang ( June 2011) 

Everything has inevitable time for change and so is for him. Lucky or unluckily the lobdra needs new teacher for its survival. He is relieved by Lop. Pem Dorji of Haa Dratshang. Lop Pem Dorji is well-known for his calmness, positive-attitude in all situations and most of all he is one of the most experienced and reliable. He shouldered many important responsibilities including three terms as Kudrung, Kunyer, Nyeab and other responsibilities as well. I am very optimistic that the individual of his caliber can without any doubt benefit us.
Lop Pem Dorji received his khadhar from Lam Neten of Haa Rabdey at Lhakhang karpo on very auspicious day i.e, July 14, 2012 in presence of few elderly Sangbebs. I was fortunate to be there at the occasion and very much relieved to see him accepting the responsibility.  Congratulations. Our supports are always there for him and other Sangbebs for betterment of our community. 
Offering Khadar to Lop Pem Dorji at Lhakhang Karpo

Lop Pem Dorji and few other Sangbebs with Lam Neten

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