Friday, December 28, 2012

One year at Drukair

It was exactly 12 months ago I choose to join Drukair. December 27, 2012 completes my one year of working life with Drukair. It was really a swift journey for me. I enjoyed working for last one year. I experienced good starting. The memories reflecting back the same day of last year are still vivid and it brings back the feelings of different emotions. It was surprise to everyone, my parents, relatives, friends and comrades alike to see me opting for Drukair. It was even shocking decision for myself. Earlier, I was too much interested to serve as civil servant. The principles, motto and core activities of civil servants lured me to be the one. My decision caught myself in  controversial manner. 
My choices  of places to work for are Paro and Phuntsholing. So it was immense pleasure and glory to choose the place I long yearned for. But, still, it takes me to the state of nostalgia to relive the days where I was caught in the state of quandary. I had tough time a year earlier.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Drayang –whose dream land

This article was written several months back. I visited Drayang accompanying other friends. The ambiance at Drayang really made me to re-think and introspect about the life at Drayang and about other lives as well.    

I have read an article on Indian dance bars in, it says; The bar girls are, in many cases, sole support their families through their earnings.” the bar girls could easily  earn quite substantial amount of money and this high earning attracted women from all over India and even as far away as Nepal and Bangladesh. One Indian scammer is said to have spent crore on a single dancer overnight. When Indian government officially banned dance bars in Maharastra State in the year 2005, in Mumbai alone 1.5 lakh people, including 75,000 bar girls went out-of-work. due a lack of a rehabilitation program some committed suicide, some outrightly became prostitutes, some illegally trafficked to gulf countries or pimps sold them, some became waitress in hotels earning much lesser income and some opened up their own shops.

We are unique with unique culture. We don’t call it ‘dance-bar’ but ‘Drayang’. It is where patrons are entertained by dancers seeking so called ‘request’.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Blogging suspension

I have not been able to update my blog posts for past few months. It was difficult for me. As it is peak tourist season, employees at our company are little busier than other seasons. It has kept people working in tourism and other allied sectors occupied as well. I was not too busy but little busier than other times. So, I intentionally kept myself away from blogging even though I am too active on other social media. My office day usually begins at 5 a.m and I get in touch with online world the moment I am there in office.
Rising early makes my day so fresh. I enjoy the small hours of the morning mostly by walking from home to office. The fresh and chilly air, calm surrounding and peaceful walk makes it more meaningful. I also recite prayers in the morning. This makes me start my day with all positive thoughts. 
I really wanted to resume blogging. I thank all those readers and followers who took time and patience to read my crude opinions and I must mention that you all are the only reason which made me to try writing and keep improving. Thank you for everything. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My postpaid number saves you

Just as an information to my friends: this is my new number -17113380 and please dial me on this number if you are not able to connect with me on other number. 

Nokia 3220- my first mobile
Mobile phones are born in Bhutan much later than me. I still remember the year 2003, when Bhutan got connected with mobile network. I was in Haa (studying in Ugyen Dorji Higher Secondary School) then. Most of us were not so familiar with it but anyhow we embraced the technology. Haa got its share of connection only back in mid of 2006. As a student we overused the services and quite often visited telecom service center to get the terms explained or to solve pin code error-problems.  'Missed-call' games were our favorite past-time game as the charges per unit for calls were so high. I can't simply recall how that simple NOKIA (black and white) mobile proved to be such a handy companion that time when even the phones with facilities like GPS, 3G, Multimedia, etc. can't find their place in present day daily lives.  
For the first time in my life my brother gifted me with the mobile phone (Nokia -3220) in the same year with prepaid number ........ then my mobile was just used for voice calls and SMS only. The most of the present day mobile facilities were not there. I enjoyed so much on the first occasion like any one have done. Recharging the account was equally a big hurdle as studying day and night. I tried to control the call-flows most niggardly than before but just to drain my balance even faster.
While recharging the account balance, nobody really bothered about the waste voucher cards after using it. I was also with the others. At some point, the waste generated really made me to think and rethink. I just thought, what if the size of voucher cards are reduced or can it be replaced with other alternatives ? I was little oblivion of alternatives like e-load facilities. I always kept the inkling that something can be done to improve its waste management. 

Friday, August 03, 2012

My photo of the month (June, 2012)

Drukair fleet : ATR and AIRBUS

Preparing for flight

Aircraft (Airbus-A319) -Towing 

Phurba Thinlay at Paro Airport

All for common goal 

Monday, July 30, 2012

My local DISH

 It was very common dish until few years back at our village. The elderly group and working group mostly preferred it over conventional Bhutanese meals like rice with curry. I hated it so much during my early childhood days back at my village; I don't know for what reasons. I used to clamor for rice or any dishes but this. It is very nutritious and our folks feel little proud to consume on their home grown crops. Greater the volume of crops collected during times of harvest boosts their satisfication level.

Now, the diet culture has evolved and people are mostly dependent on imported rice and little on their own products.  Only on occasions like family gatherings and few other times this poor dish finds its place. It resembles many other dishes in different parts of the country, but honestly, it is indigenous, and  is called KHULI by us. I missed it for so long. Luckily, I prepared it at home with my grandma as the special guest.
So tasty and indeed felt nostalgic recollecting my childhood days.
Khuli with Ema Datshi

My grandma, special guest for Khuli

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sangbeykha gets new lopen

The only lobdra in entire Sangbay Dungkhag (under Haa Dzongkha) was established under the command of HH Je Khenpo in the year 1999-2000 at Nebji/Terbae (land of hidden treausres). Only 15 novices led by a teacher and an assistant constituted the lobdra then. I had privilege to know every details of progresses made by those novices as most of them were my own batch mates from the school and I was well close to instructors. They made remarkable progress. That pace, definitely, had out beaten any other well established institutes in the country. Consequently, it supplied our community with erudite monks that are well versed in ritual performing fields and I am very happy to see many from that group are doing well in different parts of the country. And some inevitably had to surrender red-robes for social obligations.

The Lobdra itself stood the change of time over past decade with the society questioning it’s sustainability, especially for shortage of rations and declining in number of new enrolments every year. It is also the case elsewhere in remote places. Anyhow, it eased the burden on patrons looking for reciters of religious congregations. It is undeniable to see the benefits reaped by our community. I have slight inkling in my mind that it is not so well established and not so officially arranged by concerned authorities. The folks back at village share the concerns of its sustainability; to get good instructor, to supply perpetual rations, to consolidate the bureaucracy, etc. Hope we will be able to systematize everything in a perfect channel with time. But, we can’t afford to let it happen by itself. Pay attention to it, my dear fellow Sangbebs.

We are fortunate to have Lam Taki, the ex lam Neten of Haa Rabdey as the instructor of the lobdra. I thank him for his dedications, hard works and selflessness, especially to initiate the reconstruction of the lhakhang. It is so good of him. I know, he really had a tough time handling simple yet complicated situations. Every time we meet him, the chit-chat revolves around lhakhang reconstruction efforts, that’s his commitment. Some people might had good time and some must had bad times with him, that is the way of human life and no one is to blame for that. But now he will be missed. 
Thank you so much and we pray for your good health and successes in all your pursuits.

Old Nebji Lhakhang 
Front view of new Lhakhang under construction (June, 2011) 

Left Side view of new lhakhang ( June 2011) 

Everything has inevitable time for change and so is for him. Lucky or unluckily the lobdra needs new teacher for its survival. He is relieved by Lop. Pem Dorji of Haa Dratshang. Lop Pem Dorji is well-known for his calmness, positive-attitude in all situations and most of all he is one of the most experienced and reliable. He shouldered many important responsibilities including three terms as Kudrung, Kunyer, Nyeab and other responsibilities as well. I am very optimistic that the individual of his caliber can without any doubt benefit us.
Lop Pem Dorji received his khadhar from Lam Neten of Haa Rabdey at Lhakhang karpo on very auspicious day i.e, July 14, 2012 in presence of few elderly Sangbebs. I was fortunate to be there at the occasion and very much relieved to see him accepting the responsibility.  Congratulations. Our supports are always there for him and other Sangbebs for betterment of our community. 
Offering Khadar to Lop Pem Dorji at Lhakhang Karpo

Lop Pem Dorji and few other Sangbebs with Lam Neten

Monday, July 09, 2012

Airport final - my first final at Paro

 Yesterday was not so hot and not so cold. The final was scheduled to be at 1530 Hours. I was little bit excited and bit anxious that our match would be terrible if in case heavens open. It started raining at around mid-day, it agitated me a lot. I was in the Paro town by then attending promotion lunch of my cousin's husband and I looked up the sky and progression of pessimism of having fair-weather-play started intensifying into my conscience. Quite constantly, I got out on varandah to see the intensity of the rain and the condensation in clouds. The clouds looks dark, murky and thick with mists which made my lunch session less enjoyable. Then, I left it to almighty himself do whatever he likes to do, just hoped for the best and got out of my anxious thoughts. 
We reported to the field half an hour before the scheduled time, started pre-match build-ups rigorously. We finally kicked off the final match. We were too optimistic and already by reaching the finals without even loosing a match both in league and knockout stages helped us to develop the mentality of winners....  but I tell you it is not a big tournament and I don't mean to allude our team so good, we all are late learners. We enjoy playing together, which is the greatest part of being a team. Little bit of apprehension grew in me as our supporters and neutral viewers alike by degrees started gathering; just pondering, in case, if we fail to entertain them?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My word to ENGINEERS (CST 2012 graduates)

Photo from:
Congratulations to 2012-graduates of College of Science and Technology (CST). We are really proud to have one more batch of competent engineers. I foresee you all proving the quality and worthiness of CST. I feel much relieved to think about you all. It is now crucial time in your life. I am sure at this point of  life, you will have mixed feelings. Excited-nervous and saddened to loose those friends with whom you spent four to six of your formative years. 
I just wanted to tell you that the career choice once made is, in fact, irreversible. So, I request all of you to make your choices meticulously. Don’t be simply lured towards fleeting (momentary) incentives. Take the best decision. I don’t have expertise knowledge or much experience to guide you all but still, I can’t hold my intentions to let you know, at least some facts I have come across by just graduating a year earlier than you.

It may be good to consult seniors, friends, relatives or anybody but I tell you all not to listen to anyone’s suggestions. It is you who is going to succeed or fail. We all know that as an individual, our perspectives vary. As has quoted, “one man’s meat is other man’s poison”, the best job for one may be the worst for other.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tuesday : Early Drivers' day

The recent initiative of 'Pedestrian Day' on Tuesdays has generated mixed reactions. Some like it, while others  with or without any substantial reasons blame the move. It is natural to revolve our chats around most recent happenings. As a human, it is inherently habituated to resist the change. For instance, quite often, I am very uncomfortable with new features in my facebook page. I know, I must make myself adaptable with those changes and take positve advantages of the new change and after all be the change itself. Nothing is constant in this world. The only constant is, the constant change. 
Cycling for fun
The chit-chat may be indulged to disgrace the intent behind the initiative but in my opinion, anyone with common sense should think twice before doing so. What can we really contribute by doing so? What are we going to loose by doing so? Even if we can't appreciate its noble intentions, at least, lets stop others from doing it. Let's stop contravening the positively framed action that will benefit ourselves in long run. I don't see any problem in walking even in scorching sunny days or raining 'cats and dogs'. Infact, it is inconvinient and I too, notwithstanding being the ardent supporter of the intiative, sometimes feel ill-at-ease for the change. But, I must have passion and patience to let the walking be part of my travel agenda. I got too conditioned travelling in car, no matter how short the destination is. No one can deny the fact that modern technology breeds laziness as a part of inherent character.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

TAshi Delek on 2nd June

Today is very special day of all Bhutanese to remember. It is also special day for global citizens to understand its significances. The day should be remembered and valued. The globally accepted noble philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) was put forward and expressed as our national development approach by the youngest king in the world on this special day.  We are blessed than ever before to enthrone most dynamic leader and of course the wisest of all leaders in the world. Our king’s far sightedness can never be overstated. The so called experts took so long to realize the appropriateness of the GNH philosophy, but it was foreseen and initiated few decades ago by our beloved fourth Druk Gyalpo.
We should always keep ourselves reminded for having the king that no one ever had. We can ask ourselves, would any leader in present world sacrifice one’s life for the benefit for his people? It galvanized eminent world leaders and philosophers alike who had been preaching about it for so long. Our beloved fourth Druk Gyalpo is a living legend for every aspiring leaders to eye on.   Salute to our kings and his brainchild philosophy that made our nation known to the outside world. It is with his noble initiative, the democracy is smoothly established. The people in countries like Syria, Egypt, etc. had to shed their blood for the same reason.
‘TASHI DELEK’ to His Majesty, king Jigme Singye Wangchuck for successfully completing his golden era. The global citizens of this age are blessed to have leader like him. He is an epitome of real leader for other leaders to follow.

Good luck and have wonderful day for all viewers. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Photo of the MOnth

Check out timings carefully and say what you see ???

A good example of team work!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The 29th February, comes once in four years. And this must be a special day for those who having birthdays today. I still remember a friend of mine, whose birthday is today. It is rather funny. How fortunate or unfortunate for him to mark his birthday. Anyway, for me having no other creative ideas to write on this rare day, I just want to share few observations on our reality shows (singing).
It is so good to see many singing shows for under aged, adults and renowned ones mushrooming. It for sure helped participants and viewers alike in understanding and learning our traditional songs. I really enjoy the shows staged and really appreciate the organizers and budding talents. Kudos to both. It adds extra meaning to be a Bhutanese. They already gained their popularity amongst people from all walks for life-thanks to Mr. Nguldrup Dorji, who initiated for the first time in our country. Many undiscovered heroes were discovered and gained platforms to showcase their talents and for some they even earn their bread through it. All talented ones gained equal platform. In most cases, it is fairly conducted expect in few cases, where one or two spendthrifts thwarted the expectations of general public.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Early Life at 5am

Today I reported to office at 5:30am. I was the first one to step into the office. I have mistaken the flight timing. There was no one except me, and it makes me feel great. The serenity and tranquility of the surrounding and freshness really lured me to wake up early. I realized, I always wanna make sumpin' of it. Having no other agendas punched on my memory scroll, I chanted my normal prayers for a while, then, wanted to know the updates of friends and acquaintances virtually through facebook. So, I pressed the power button, but no signal, the CPU remained calm and cool. I tried with other computers but with no different response. I was confused and thought that somebody might have locked it from some master switch somewhere. I peeped around all nooks and corners to rectify the electrical faults. I was too confident to mend any faults. I spent nearly around 10 minutes but could not find anything that I could rectify. At last, I went to our caretaker and asked about the switches. He joined me and checked and instantly, he opened the Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), calmly put back the tripped the switch. The power was restored. He also advised me to first check MCB whenever there is an electrical abnormalities.....ha ha ha......... I said thank you and furtively did not say that I was an electrical engineering graduate. I actually overlooked it. I was searching for bigger problems than that. It is our tendency to think about only bigger and complex things in the lieu of smaller yet important ingredients of our day-to-day lives. 
I then, started surfing the net. After few minutes I came across the news about  bomb blast in Phuntsholing in BBS website. Thank god; there were no casualties. I sincerely wish for more peaceful with no more blasts in our college vicinity. It is second time as far as I am concerned. On positive interpretation, it is sometimes good to have one or two without serious casualties. It alarms us and our security personnel and keep us ever ready to pounce back on them. 

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Starting college days with Jadoo and Chang

Innocent Jadoo and I (2007)
After completing my schooling from first modern school in the country (Ugyen Dorji Higher Secondary School, Haa), I was lucky enough to get enrolled in College of Science and Technology (CST) under Royal University of Bhutan(RUB). It is only Engineering College offering undergraduate programme in the country, which now has supplied many top engineers working in various sectors. CST’s pride lie in her graduates performances in civil service examinations and superiority of competence shown in real work field.
 I did not imagine earlier that I will become an engineer one day. I had never enquired anything on engineering field till I joined the college. I entered the erstwhile Royal Bhutan Institute of Technology (RBIT) as raw 10 plus 2 graduate. I was bit anxious as I have heard many stories of failures and the value of graduates. On the way towards college many people whom I met, highly lauded and appreciated me, which was only because of positive fames of our college echoing around the nation. I must thank all CST-alumni for being so good.
Lhendup (Jadoo) and I were dropped to college by uncle. It was mid-summer. There were mud puddles and uneven land surfaces all around the campus. Our vehicle slipped into a shallow puddle. We were hapless. We then, alighted from the car, applied all sorts of forces and even applied our knowledge of lever, but all in vain. My clothes and whole body was tinted with muds and that of Jadoo’s was even worse. Many people surrounded us and “what a shame in front of those ladies”, Jadoo silently whispered to me. We were trying relentlessly to tow the vehicle but my friend Jadoo started another business, “analyzing about the ladies,” he stared at them and dropped his saliva many times.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My First Life

Photo courtesy :
I brought packed-lunch in my office. It is first time in my life after being employed. Yesterday, I browsed the website of Bhutan Broadcasting Service (  to check the auspiciousness and luckily it was a perfect day to shift to a new house or to shift house. So, I shifted to my rented apartment. It was also a first time in my life. It marks beginning of my new working and independent life. I have to live alone, away from love of parents, cook and sweep for myself. It is more exciting and a new experience to cherish. I am excited. I was accompanied by paternal uncles and some friends of them. The entire process, beginning from cleaning the floor, wiping off cobwebs, cleaning glasses, arranging window curtains, listing the items for shopping, packing baggage, etc., were part of new excitements I developed.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

English Speaking Bhutanese

I went to have a lunch in a restaurant (I will not disclose the name and place of restaurant), I ordered and was waiting while sipping coffee. A middle aged, fair lady accompanied by a kid sat on the table beside mine. Again, after few minutes a well dressed, a stout-looking man joined her. They greeted each other by saying, "Hi" and "Hello". The lady introduced her child to the man. Instantly, the kid said, "HAPPY NEW YEAR." Then they started their conversation (just a normal conversation) in English. The Dzongkha words, like, 'laa', 'apa', etc., have been frequently used throughout their conversation. I just enjoyed listening to them and involuntarily my ears cocked in a comical manner to absorb more from their conversations. To my surprise, I was not happy; bit dejected and felt ill-at-ease.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I joined Drukair Corporation (DAC) with great reluctance. I preferred joining civil service over Drukair until an hour before I joined DAC. I have just begun attending the office although heavy duties are not assigned yet. I am really enjoying the work environment and the place. Everyday I meet with different people and each one has something more informative and interesting to share with me. I am really happy with that. I hope these happy environment will always remain with me.
I am very optismistic that I will be able to contribute towards company's growth and concatimantly reap my personal career growth. I have no regret and no looking back over my decision. I will strive to be the most efficient and most reliable engineer that DCA ever had. I am sure with this working attitude I will be able to provide solutions to many complex engineering problems in long run.