Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bhutan know better

What is the most compelling issue for today's leaders to react? The undeniable answer, I personally feel would be to ‘save the world’ and make it livable place for existing creatures. The so called ‘developed countries’ have acquired material luxuries beyond any developing or underdeveloped countries could ever imagine of possessing. But, their greed driven irrational way of thinking somehow failed to consider the sustainability of resources and consequences left for future generations to go through. Now, the world is facing urgent situation than ever before to make optimum use of its limited available resources for our needs; and to make an effort to save every creature that are on brink of extinction. The consequences of climate change and depleting resources are now very prominent and even skeptics got to believe it empirically if not from scientific findings.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Misguided by MoLHR for second time

The Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) have recently updated its website with available vacancies in Punatsangchhu-II Hydro Electric Project (PHPA-II), with reference numbers from 2009000715 to 2009000720. In total, it listed 33 slots for electrical engineers alone requiring no experience to few years of experience. I was already under the warmth of my blanket when some of my friends informed me about the update. I simply could not believe it. I did not believe it anyhow and even if it is true, it will be quite implausible considering the present scenario.
This ‘good news’ must have taken anyone to extreme ecstasy; it gives them one more additional path in their career to choose. I was indifferent towards the news for few minutes, considering my strong passion for civil service. But, as I told, I too was excited; who will join there, what if I join there, why they need so much of electrical engineers before plant is being commissioned or is it really true. So, I woke up at midnight and logged on to to check it. To my pleasant surprise it was true.
I tried to be more analytical and put my thinking cap to make logical judgments. I had a slight inkling that something is wrong; either their information or my conscience. I quickly remembered PHPA-II’s vacancy announced in Kuensel dated November 8, 2011. I then visited to juxtapose them. I was again caught by surprise when the difference was observed. I observed that the experience requirement, number of available slots and salary packages were exactly same. The only difference was in title of the post. The ads in kuensel printed them as either civil or mechanical whereas ministry’s website listed it all as an electrical. It becomes a major difference.
It made me to ponder, either Kuensel printed it incorrectly or ministry’s website uploaded it incorrectly. Or my eyesight is not working properly? Whoever has committed a blunder, it must be their negligence. The MoLHR, which is supposed to facilitate job seekers with right information can’t simply be irresponsible that way. Finally, i had an intuition that MoLHR’s web-update is incorrect. I am sure it must be a careless error of one person, but the website represents the face of entire ministry. Whoever has done it, as a human, everyone is susceptible commit errors. On the contrary, shouldn’t she or he understand the present employment scenario, or their job is to just upload whatever comes on their table. Even if PHPA authorities themselves have misinformed ministry, as an employee of Labour ministry aren’t they not responsible to logically analyze and question them back before the information is disseminated. Aren’t they not simply analyzing, why hydro-electric project need so much of electrical engineer before it is commissioned. I feel they should be through with knowledge of which sector seeks what type of graduates.  
It is definitely a minor blunder at large but a major when taken at an individual. For government it is about how many can be employed to reduce overall unemployment percentage but for individual it is about deciding their career-which once chosen is irreversible. The ministry has taken noble initiative to publish ‘Labour Market Information Guide’, volume-I to help job seekers. It was highly lauded by general public and job seekers when it listed promising jobs for all graduates. But, the harsh reality here is only around 700 graduates were absorbed out of 2,432 announced vacancies. The job seekers and public lost their faith in ministry’s promises. And to add fuel to razing fire, how can we rely on ministry’s information when its updates are done in erroneous way.
The vacancies are not for electrical engineers as I understand. I am an electrical graduate. I am sad not because I am deprived of that but something about their responsibility. It is definitely not the first time they posted  the contents incorrectly.
 In writing so, I am not trying to unnecessarily magnify small issue into great issue, but it is left to the individuals to digest. What if one person has taravelled from Tashigang to Thimphu to apply for the post? What if someone left his present job?  Can we fully trust Ministry without any doubt hereafter? As saying goes, ‘burnt child dreads the fire’.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Why I am not employed : My Ideal Job description

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I am fresh graduate looking for job. I am not sure where I will be employed sooner or later. Only god knows! My priority is to get into civil service or in a private firm even though with strong objections and dejections in later from all mentors and relatives alike. Truthfully speaking, my passion is to become an entrepreneur. I won’t mind even if I earn lesser by many folds than my counterparts. I relish doing things on my own and to me this is necessary tool to boom individual’s abilities and also to identify the true aptitude. On many occasions, I tried to do what pleases me, and to some extent I must boldly mention that I know where my interest lies partially if not fully.