Friday, December 28, 2012

One year at Drukair

It was exactly 12 months ago I choose to join Drukair. December 27, 2012 completes my one year of working life with Drukair. It was really a swift journey for me. I enjoyed working for last one year. I experienced good starting. The memories reflecting back the same day of last year are still vivid and it brings back the feelings of different emotions. It was surprise to everyone, my parents, relatives, friends and comrades alike to see me opting for Drukair. It was even shocking decision for myself. Earlier, I was too much interested to serve as civil servant. The principles, motto and core activities of civil servants lured me to be the one. My decision caught myself in  controversial manner. 
My choices  of places to work for are Paro and Phuntsholing. So it was immense pleasure and glory to choose the place I long yearned for. But, still, it takes me to the state of nostalgia to relive the days where I was caught in the state of quandary. I had tough time a year earlier.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Drayang –whose dream land

This article was written several months back. I visited Drayang accompanying other friends. The ambiance at Drayang really made me to re-think and introspect about the life at Drayang and about other lives as well.    

I have read an article on Indian dance bars in, it says; The bar girls are, in many cases, sole support their families through their earnings.” the bar girls could easily  earn quite substantial amount of money and this high earning attracted women from all over India and even as far away as Nepal and Bangladesh. One Indian scammer is said to have spent crore on a single dancer overnight. When Indian government officially banned dance bars in Maharastra State in the year 2005, in Mumbai alone 1.5 lakh people, including 75,000 bar girls went out-of-work. due a lack of a rehabilitation program some committed suicide, some outrightly became prostitutes, some illegally trafficked to gulf countries or pimps sold them, some became waitress in hotels earning much lesser income and some opened up their own shops.

We are unique with unique culture. We don’t call it ‘dance-bar’ but ‘Drayang’. It is where patrons are entertained by dancers seeking so called ‘request’.