Saturday, January 21, 2012

My First Life

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I brought packed-lunch in my office. It is first time in my life after being employed. Yesterday, I browsed the website of Bhutan Broadcasting Service (  to check the auspiciousness and luckily it was a perfect day to shift to a new house or to shift house. So, I shifted to my rented apartment. It was also a first time in my life. It marks beginning of my new working and independent life. I have to live alone, away from love of parents, cook and sweep for myself. It is more exciting and a new experience to cherish. I am excited. I was accompanied by paternal uncles and some friends of them. The entire process, beginning from cleaning the floor, wiping off cobwebs, cleaning glasses, arranging window curtains, listing the items for shopping, packing baggage, etc., were part of new excitements I developed.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

English Speaking Bhutanese

I went to have a lunch in a restaurant (I will not disclose the name and place of restaurant), I ordered and was waiting while sipping coffee. A middle aged, fair lady accompanied by a kid sat on the table beside mine. Again, after few minutes a well dressed, a stout-looking man joined her. They greeted each other by saying, "Hi" and "Hello". The lady introduced her child to the man. Instantly, the kid said, "HAPPY NEW YEAR." Then they started their conversation (just a normal conversation) in English. The Dzongkha words, like, 'laa', 'apa', etc., have been frequently used throughout their conversation. I just enjoyed listening to them and involuntarily my ears cocked in a comical manner to absorb more from their conversations. To my surprise, I was not happy; bit dejected and felt ill-at-ease.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I joined Drukair Corporation (DAC) with great reluctance. I preferred joining civil service over Drukair until an hour before I joined DAC. I have just begun attending the office although heavy duties are not assigned yet. I am really enjoying the work environment and the place. Everyday I meet with different people and each one has something more informative and interesting to share with me. I am really happy with that. I hope these happy environment will always remain with me.
I am very optismistic that I will be able to contribute towards company's growth and concatimantly reap my personal career growth. I have no regret and no looking back over my decision. I will strive to be the most efficient and most reliable engineer that DCA ever had. I am sure with this working attitude I will be able to provide solutions to many complex engineering problems in long run.