Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The 29th February, comes once in four years. And this must be a special day for those who having birthdays today. I still remember a friend of mine, whose birthday is today. It is rather funny. How fortunate or unfortunate for him to mark his birthday. Anyway, for me having no other creative ideas to write on this rare day, I just want to share few observations on our reality shows (singing).
It is so good to see many singing shows for under aged, adults and renowned ones mushrooming. It for sure helped participants and viewers alike in understanding and learning our traditional songs. I really enjoy the shows staged and really appreciate the organizers and budding talents. Kudos to both. It adds extra meaning to be a Bhutanese. They already gained their popularity amongst people from all walks for life-thanks to Mr. Nguldrup Dorji, who initiated for the first time in our country. Many undiscovered heroes were discovered and gained platforms to showcase their talents and for some they even earn their bread through it. All talented ones gained equal platform. In most cases, it is fairly conducted expect in few cases, where one or two spendthrifts thwarted the expectations of general public.

This year, the viewers enjoyed ‘National Talent Hunt’ like never before. Superb capabilities from kids stirred the minds of whole nation. I simply could not believe it as rest of the viewers. Implausible; and respectable. Similarly, the other shows like ‘Little Stars’ and ‘Little Champs’ are well on the way to reach their destiny. I occasionally tune to their shows. It can be observed that the commentator of ‘Little Champs’ wears the mask-the mask of 'Atsara'. It is rather funny. But what purpose does it serves? It is part of our indigenous culture and it is found nowhere in the world but in Bhutan. Its sanctity can never be easily elaborated. It is too sacred to be used for commercial entertainment. It devalues our sanctity. Many commoners like me may not understand the reasons for having ‘Atsaras’ during our annual festival, Tshechu. In deeper sense, as far as my little knowledge is concerned, they are assigned more holistic roles than any other mask dancers. The name itself is ‘A-Char-Ya’ as commentator himself says, actually means ‘saints’ or that of ‘enlightened bodies’ (Drupthobs). So, what I personally understand is they depicts their behaviors and characters. Let's not exchange the sacredness of our culture for the little fun of today. As far as only momentary pleasure is concerned we can be little more innovative or let's not try if we are not able to have solutions for it. 
It is not intended to hurt the sentiments of anyone but just my simple and crude opinion. No offence intended. 

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