Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The 29th February, comes once in four years. And this must be a special day for those who having birthdays today. I still remember a friend of mine, whose birthday is today. It is rather funny. How fortunate or unfortunate for him to mark his birthday. Anyway, for me having no other creative ideas to write on this rare day, I just want to share few observations on our reality shows (singing).
It is so good to see many singing shows for under aged, adults and renowned ones mushrooming. It for sure helped participants and viewers alike in understanding and learning our traditional songs. I really enjoy the shows staged and really appreciate the organizers and budding talents. Kudos to both. It adds extra meaning to be a Bhutanese. They already gained their popularity amongst people from all walks for life-thanks to Mr. Nguldrup Dorji, who initiated for the first time in our country. Many undiscovered heroes were discovered and gained platforms to showcase their talents and for some they even earn their bread through it. All talented ones gained equal platform. In most cases, it is fairly conducted expect in few cases, where one or two spendthrifts thwarted the expectations of general public.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Early Life at 5am

Today I reported to office at 5:30am. I was the first one to step into the office. I have mistaken the flight timing. There was no one except me, and it makes me feel great. The serenity and tranquility of the surrounding and freshness really lured me to wake up early. I realized, I always wanna make sumpin' of it. Having no other agendas punched on my memory scroll, I chanted my normal prayers for a while, then, wanted to know the updates of friends and acquaintances virtually through facebook. So, I pressed the power button, but no signal, the CPU remained calm and cool. I tried with other computers but with no different response. I was confused and thought that somebody might have locked it from some master switch somewhere. I peeped around all nooks and corners to rectify the electrical faults. I was too confident to mend any faults. I spent nearly around 10 minutes but could not find anything that I could rectify. At last, I went to our caretaker and asked about the switches. He joined me and checked and instantly, he opened the Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB), calmly put back the tripped the switch. The power was restored. He also advised me to first check MCB whenever there is an electrical abnormalities.....ha ha ha......... I said thank you and furtively did not say that I was an electrical engineering graduate. I actually overlooked it. I was searching for bigger problems than that. It is our tendency to think about only bigger and complex things in the lieu of smaller yet important ingredients of our day-to-day lives. 
I then, started surfing the net. After few minutes I came across the news about  bomb blast in Phuntsholing in BBS website. Thank god; there were no casualties. I sincerely wish for more peaceful with no more blasts in our college vicinity. It is second time as far as I am concerned. On positive interpretation, it is sometimes good to have one or two without serious casualties. It alarms us and our security personnel and keep us ever ready to pounce back on them. 

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Starting college days with Jadoo and Chang

Innocent Jadoo and I (2007)
After completing my schooling from first modern school in the country (Ugyen Dorji Higher Secondary School, Haa), I was lucky enough to get enrolled in College of Science and Technology (CST) under Royal University of Bhutan(RUB). It is only Engineering College offering undergraduate programme in the country, which now has supplied many top engineers working in various sectors. CST’s pride lie in her graduates performances in civil service examinations and superiority of competence shown in real work field.
 I did not imagine earlier that I will become an engineer one day. I had never enquired anything on engineering field till I joined the college. I entered the erstwhile Royal Bhutan Institute of Technology (RBIT) as raw 10 plus 2 graduate. I was bit anxious as I have heard many stories of failures and the value of graduates. On the way towards college many people whom I met, highly lauded and appreciated me, which was only because of positive fames of our college echoing around the nation. I must thank all CST-alumni for being so good.
Lhendup (Jadoo) and I were dropped to college by uncle. It was mid-summer. There were mud puddles and uneven land surfaces all around the campus. Our vehicle slipped into a shallow puddle. We were hapless. We then, alighted from the car, applied all sorts of forces and even applied our knowledge of lever, but all in vain. My clothes and whole body was tinted with muds and that of Jadoo’s was even worse. Many people surrounded us and “what a shame in front of those ladies”, Jadoo silently whispered to me. We were trying relentlessly to tow the vehicle but my friend Jadoo started another business, “analyzing about the ladies,” he stared at them and dropped his saliva many times.