Friday, December 10, 2010

Lomba celebration with old lads-2010

Offering Marchang, before match
It was on the 29th day of tenth month in Bhutanese calendar that the lomba/lombo is celebrated every year. It is celebrated in western part in the places of Haa and Paro. The specialty of the occasion is the preparation of our traditional diet called ‘Hapi Hoentey’, which is a cluster of well-prepared vegetable ingredients enclosed inside flour baked cover. As far as our community is concerned, we prepare it on the day itself and consume it during the night. The people consider starting journeys, giving away belongings, dying etc. on the eve of lomba is not a good practice. A small depiction of human being (known as luee) is baked from flour and sent outside with all the ill lucks casted on it with wishes from all family members at dusk with whistles and traditional shouts. The celebration is stretched for three days. The occasion is usually marked by playing traditional games like archery, khuru and rarely other games. While men play the game, women back at home prepare traditional drinks.
This year (2010) too, the lomba was marked with an archery match amongst ourselves and few invitees. I was a bit excited even though I was at the college appearing for my semester papers. I imagined how the game could be made lively and a memorable one. The comprehensive plans were discussed days before. All the players gathered for ground preparation the day before with lots of enthusiasm. The flags were hosted, short grasses were trimmed further for the sake of pleasant view, the players were encouraged and housewives were brainwashed to prepare tea for players and other necessary arrangements.
While I was coming from college by bus, I spotted a few elderly friends including my father in the archery play ground about to shoot the first shot. Instead of going home, I got off from the bus with my luggage and joined them. Everybody laughed at me for the eccentricity I have shown under the garb of sheer love for the game. I could rarely hit the target which are placed 145 meters away. I told myself that little more practice is needed to bring out best from me. I practiced for two days before the day; my head was full of confidence as I am one of the experienced players. I started playing on compound bow since the fall of 2003 and I have been a regular player ever since.
On the D-day we gathered at 7:30am for breakfast in the playfield. The game started at 8:00 am with a traditional marching ceremony which is believed to appease so called protective deities and evade ill luck of the day. I started the day with the hope for highest hit (karey) as I have done on other occasions in previous years. The game went on smoothly with our team leading the score. The game will be over when either of the teams reaches 25 points. There were no stakes but only Nu.100 per game as bet. There was tea and refreshments served by the housewives of the players on regular intervals. I was still calculating the numerous hits from my uncle and guest player (lieutenant) and was aiming for the preset hope, i.e. highest karey. It was just before lunch that I hit a single karey but unfortunately that one was neutralized by my uncle’s karey.
The lunch break was over and we resumed the game. The few rounds were over without hitting but the preset hope sprung eternal in my mind. I thought that it was time for me to try for double hits (dobji) continuously for several rounds in order to outpace the highest hitters on the scoresheet, who already crossed dozens. I was still not convinced that I was one of the lowest hitter with only one tail (dhar) hanging. In the last few rounds, I tried shooting with different bows hoping to produce a miracle but it got worse. There was  much deviation from what I usually do and hoped for since few months back.
The time was 5:00pm, the game was over with me being the lowest hitter……..huh. I was very tired the whole day running after my team mates’ arrows, cheering up, encouraging them and singing when they hit the target. We decided that the game will be continued the next day. The quote, “Hope springs eternal in mind” touched my heart and I hoped for the same the following day with the notion that luck was not on my side and I will restore to my best form, the next day.
 We returned home and I enjoyed dinner with my family members. It was around 10:30pm, my father’s phone rang and it was my cousin informing that the match cannot be played the next day as it coincided with the annual puja in one of the households in our community. All dreams then dozed off with me. That is how I ended being one of the worst players ever since I played archery. I still have the same hope to become the highest hitter and I am sure that the purchase of a new bow will realize my dream.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Memoirs of team 0767
Sangchu and Tshewang Rinchen [be2e]

A Solar car racing was held on our college campus on 20th August, 2008. The winners of this competition were sent to observe ABU-Asia-Pacific Robocon 2008 at Pune, India. This is the first time our country got a chance to observe this unique contest which is being held every year since 2002. This is brief narration, how we got an opportunity to represent our college and country as well. I, Sangchu and Bajay jumped out of joy and hugged each other as our car 0767 outpaced other car and plied its wheel over the finishing line. It was an hour later Jadoo also realised that we really won the car race and he started jumping and shouting. And we reminded him that celebration is over and get ready for our trip to Pune.
We left the college on 25th of August in the afternoon to catch the train from Hashimara which leaves in the evening. It was our first long distance journey in the train. We boarded the train at 5:20 pm, headed towards Kolkata. Hashimara to Sealdah railway station by train is 703kms. During the night, fearing of our things being stolen, we all prepared to guard our belongings dearly. We tied our luggage to our seats and locked them. However we had a problem with bags. Bajay was carrying two bags and he slept with one bag as pillow and other one hugged to his heart like a lioness protecting her cubs. We took turn staying awake guarding our belongings. When Jadoo’s shift came around 2am, he landed up staying awake the whole night since Billah refused to do his turn at 4am.These precautions were taken since we heard lots of unpleasant stories about passengers being rid of their belongings in the train.
Our journey to Pune was in another train which leaves from Howrah station. Since our train leaves in night we went to visit some of the important historical sites in Kolkata. We hired an ambassador car and visited Science city, Victoria Memorial, Birla Planetarium, boarded Metro to visit nearby towns. At 10:05pm we boarded Azad Hind Express and began our 2222km journey towards Pune. We crossed the state of West Bengal and entered Orissa the following day. As the journey took us towards the south-east, we entered state of Maharasthra. I went to buy few loaves of bread for my lunch from the shop at station and Billah told me to bring few dozens of Tiger biscuit for him. I was irritated and I didn’t buy either. I fasted for one whole day. We passed Nagpur early in the morning and reached the city of Pune (Pune railway station) on 28th August at 10:30am. With our luggage and our guide Mr. M.Kano, we headed for our hotel (Sapna) in the hub of Pune city. On 29th August, we went to MIT (Maharasthra Institute of Technology) to register and see the campus. MIT in collaboration with Doordarshan (DD) is hosting this year’s ABU Asia-Pacific Robot contest. And as of 29th August most of the teams have arrived. A total of 17 teams from 16 different countries were participating including team from Egypt and Japan. The D-day was on 31st August. On that day we all went to MIT campus at 8:00am and got seated in the gallery to witness and observe the competition among motley group of audiences from participating countries. Chinese team were the champion followed by Egypt in the second place. The closing ceremony took place around 6:30 pm and we returned to our hotel with hopes sprouting, exposures gained, grit and determinations flowered in our minds. We felt ourselves blessed to be the first Bhutanese student ambassador to enter the hall of ABU-Robocon. On the contrary, it was extremely sad to see there was no participation from our country. All of us were lost in deep and murky thoughts about the extra miles our counterparts have walked ahead of us. However, we want to exhort our fellow under graduate students to grab the opportunity to compete. The organisers always welcome the new nations to join.
On 1st September we went to Yashada Hall where friendship exchange programme was held. We interacted with participants and enquired about their triumphs and efforts. We took lunch together and there was a photo session for almost an hour. After lunch we went visit Aga Khan’s palace and shopping in the M.G road. The whole programme was sponsored by ABU, DD in collaboration with MIT staffs and students. We were decorated as student ambassador of Bhutan to Robocon. There happen to be a joke shared amongst us in the train. It was on the last night of our tour and we were about to have dinner when Bajay remarked “da ven ambassador bonku theun do mae (now ambassadors are in great trouble, since all of us were running short of pocket money)”. And to add fuel to fire the cost of dinner was astronomical.
On 2nd September we started our three days journey back to our country. To us we feel that identity of Bhutan is still missing in such events. In open question-answer session, we asked a question to team China regarding their tricks of trade, revealing that we are from Royal Kingdom of Bhutan. Everybody in the hall cocked their eyebrows and ears in astonishing manner and stared at us just to wonder where we are from. It is therefore, our responsibility to show where we are and what we are for, through innovations and creations. It is not the technology which led china to retain their champion’s position. Japan, India, Thailand, and the rest have advanced technology at par with China but it was simply a unique and creative idea which made the Chinese to win.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Responsibilty versus Character

It is tough. People are different. Entire perspective is different for different people. It’s rather hard for me to perceive my own life and my daily actions. I am inherently extrovert. I love cracking jokes, making fun with my friends, teasing others, expressing myself and have a gift of tongue for which I used to get constant blows from my mom. I joke too much. I try to find fun and be joyous at all instants of my life. That’s my life. I sometimes encountered group of people who don’t know how to accept fun at all, some can create but can’t take it for them and some keep silent and take all.
I joined the college with enormous pride as my mind was already full of positive fames of CST. We had really good time as first years. Constant reminder from seniors for our misconducts and regularly walking out of the track when young minds get together. It used to be interesting and memorable.
Our stay in college as second year and third year was not so fascinating. It meant only normal life. It only meant observing clash between two extreme batches in the college. By that time we have finished our rigorous training of our attitude in first year. Being silent observer is painful especially when fresh comers do things in their own way. We then just supplement and give recommendations to final years, just to add fuel to razing fires of final years and scrutinize all of fresher’s ‘ attitude. It is tradition of our lovely CST. But, to be the one whose attitude is to be mended, it was hard to imagine. We never looked at what benefit it would give us. What difference can it make upon our lives?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Teachers' day celebration 2010-cst

The birth anniversary of third Druk Gyalpo and teachers’ day was celebrated. It was on Sunday. All staff members and students gathered at 8:30 am. Actually, program is scheduled to be held in basketball court, due to unfavourable weather we all gathered in MPH.

There were speeches from both students and staff to commemorate the day. Rite after the gathering there was tea-session and informal exchange program. Students asked questions to teachers. Both teachers and students expressed their gratifications for organising the event. It was interactive session, which allowed teachers to hide their seriousness attitude as instructor and show their playful side of life.

Students invited all staff members for lunch in students mess.

In the evening, students organize a cultural show for the pleasure of staffs. All staff members and their family were warmly welcomed. Students offered tags to all staff members as when they entered the hall. The show lasted bit more than 2 hours. Everybody present was fully engrossed in show staged. Staff also presented two items.

Students expressed their unsurpassed gratitude to their teachers.

Farewell nite for final years 2010


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this very special occasion tonight.

Today we have here bittersweet occasion. Hope this ambiance gives you the ceremonial feelings. This is just gesture showing our feeling of greatness.

Firstly, I thank my associates here and other peripheral supporters, for organising the event.

We organisers thank you all for joining us.

I on behalf of all students, thank all our respected seniors for standing by us and guiding us during your stay here in the College of Science and Technology. We are very much thankful to you all, especially to our councilors for your efforts to keep the spirits among student body alive. We thank you for devoting your time working for betterment of services and discipline within student body and college as a whole. I on behalf of all my friends’ thank you for teaching us, the ethics of college, guiding and giving us lessons through various methods. I am sure all would be thankful to you for mending our mannerisms and behaviours.

So many occasions like today’s we had together, so many funs we had together, so many picnics we enjoyed together, so many memorable things we shared. Those lovely memories are now only memories of past and especially today I have mixed feeling of joy and sorrow, for you are here today and will create vacant space which cannot be filled by mere presence of somebody. To let memories of our past togetherness during your stay make me appeal you to say let us be together forever.

I am short for word to describe how I feel today. We are deeply saddened and my heart really pains to say goodbye to our outgoing friends, but we must understand that it is inevitable part of our life and we believe in saying, “Nothing is so spacious as to have friends at a distance, they make longitudes and latitudes”. We are very much confident our friends here will excel and display their true potential given the platform to do. Therefore, we optimistically hope each one of you will find your desired path hereafter and we offer our best wishes for all your pursuits. We expect our outgoing friends to guide us when we are still in middle of the path by sharing your experiences at college and more importantly of employed life.

Four, five years before you (i.e. final years) entered the college of science and Technology as crude class XII student whose stance on studies was just mugging up things for cramming into for exams. After acquiring analytical, reasoning, and necessary rational skills you carry the prefix of ENGINEER with your names. We feel after spending your formative years at this college, you have gained more than what you have expected and what we see. Now, you are most prized asset of the college. We are very much optimistic that your performance in various fields would add extra boom to college identity, whereby more doors remain open for CST graduates in job market in competitive future.

Lastly, we genuinely beg your pardon if ever we have disappointed you during your stay in CST. We whole-heartedly believe in respecting seniors and protecting your right as per norms of the college. We without any hesitation feel that you are most suitable people within the campus to be respected. Once again, if we ever disappointed you during your stay with us, it was all due to our ignorance. Please forgive us.

Goodbyes are not forever,

Goodbyes are not end,

They simply mean, I will miss you,

Until we meet again

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paradoxical commandments of leaders

People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered- love them anyway.
If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives - do good anyway
if you are sucessful, you will win false friends and true enemies - suceed anyway
The good you do today will perhaps be forgotten tomorrow - do good anyway

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable  - BE HONEST ANYWAY
The biggest man with the biggest ideas can be shot down by smallest man with the smallest mind  -THINK BIG ANYWAY

People favour underdogs but follow hotdogs -FIGHT OF R THE FEW UNDERDOGS
What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight -BUILD ANYWAY
People really need help but may attack you , if you help them -HELP THEM ANYWAY
Give the world best theat you have and you will get kicked in the teeth - GIVE THE WORLS THE BEST YOU YOU HAVE ANYWAY

If better is possible, then good is enough..........................