Thursday, December 22, 2011

One night adds one year to my life

The 29th day of the 10th month in Bhutanese calendar is very special for people of Haa and Paro. It is called Lomboo (Lomba).  It is undeniably the most special occasion for us. The memories of my past celebration with family members are still very vivid through my mind. It brings all family members together. The specialty of the occasion is marked by preparing of our traditional diet called ‘Hapi Hoentey’, which is a cluster of well-prepared vegetable ingredients enclosed inside flour baked cover. If there is one thing Haaps and Parops have to gift to friends during Lomba, it must be ‘Hoentey’ only. Believe me, anyone will appreciate its indigenous taste, if you come across
This year, it is unfortunate for me, I have to celebrate the occasion away from my parents. I must mark it as usual and make the night special with special traditional dishes. But, can I feel so special as before? We are planning to make it even more special and memorable one.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Exam results : Ever Surprising

I am still in the mood of celebration, this time, for my BCSE examination result. It caught me by real surprise when my brother called me and said, ‘you topped’. I couldn’t simply believe it. I rushed to buy a kuensel from nearby Grocery Shop. It was true. My only disbelief for now is, it must be a printing mistake. That sounds foolish right? I don’t know why? My intuition was that I will not be able to make it to top 12. I did not spoil my paper so badly, but still I was not convinced. I was sure to pass (i.e. to get minimum of 50%).
I still wonder why I did not believe in myself. My intuitions were actually wrong. I am happy that I scored the highest of all in Electrical and Electronics category.  It is already 12 noon and I still didn’t take my breakfast. I am still responding to calls from friends and well-wishers, I am still replying the mails that are popping up.  This moment is wonderful and I must use it properly for ecstasy I am going through will rarely come. I am in jocund mood.

Monday, December 05, 2011


I along with my family members went to Paro a day before. We went to there to perform offering called REWO SANGCHOE (meaning, the offering through burning incense). It gave me great gratification to be able to make offerings.
While performing REWO SANGCHOE, the incense along with all items (mostly edible) ingredients on the universe are burnt to create the fumes that is coveted to reach the entire universe. It is supposed to please all gods and goddesses, guardian deities and harmful deities or any sort of spirits in the universe. It’s a means to seek contrite apology to all displeased spirits. It is, of course, one of the greatest offerings. We halted night at SAngchen Chokhor Buddhist College, Paro. The next day we walked for around half an hour to reach Rinpung Goenpa. The REWO SANGCHOE was performed there.

Sangchen Chokhor