Monday, July 30, 2012

My local DISH

 It was very common dish until few years back at our village. The elderly group and working group mostly preferred it over conventional Bhutanese meals like rice with curry. I hated it so much during my early childhood days back at my village; I don't know for what reasons. I used to clamor for rice or any dishes but this. It is very nutritious and our folks feel little proud to consume on their home grown crops. Greater the volume of crops collected during times of harvest boosts their satisfication level.

Now, the diet culture has evolved and people are mostly dependent on imported rice and little on their own products.  Only on occasions like family gatherings and few other times this poor dish finds its place. It resembles many other dishes in different parts of the country, but honestly, it is indigenous, and  is called KHULI by us. I missed it for so long. Luckily, I prepared it at home with my grandma as the special guest.
So tasty and indeed felt nostalgic recollecting my childhood days.
Khuli with Ema Datshi

My grandma, special guest for Khuli

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  1. Questo mondo moderno non mi piace, stiamo perdendo tutti i valori dei nostri avi, questo è un danno per tutti!! buona giornata...ciao