Thursday, August 11, 2011


Nu. 400,000 budget for eating
Nearly 1700 national graduates gathered in Nazhoen Pelri for National Graduates Orientation Program (NGOP-2011). It is jointly organized by Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Royal University of Bhutan, Ministry of Education and other relevant ministries and agencies. The main objective of bringing all national graduates together is to orient towards common national goals and policies and also to direct our future endeavors towards it.

I entered the hall with lots of excitement. Our mere presence there, in deeper introspection has some great element of happiness, joy and pride within ourselves for it says that we have successfully completed our bachelors degree ranging from 3-6 years. I see it as another special occasion to meet and enjoy besides acquiring what is officially intended to impart. It is definitely a special occasion. It is the occasion I looked forward for when I was back in my college and which every graduate student at any college yearns for. Congratulations to all my colleagues.
Whenever I turned left or right I always spotted many familiar faces smiling towards me with great confusion whether it is my old school mate at primary or secondary level. It indeed allowed us to meet after many years. And anybody would rejoice encountering one’s best friends and acquiantees of past. Welcome and warm greeting to all my school mates.
In my point of view, besides orientation program which are preplanned by organizing committee, the NGOP should be medium for us to enjoy, get-together, communicate, mingle and relax our minds which are tensed with employment fever. I was really happy when  hon’ble secretary of MOLHR  addressed us as ‘special graduates’ as we are attending the program which is our lifetime opportunity coinciding with the event which is lifetime opportunity for His Majesty, the king and people of Bhutan as a whole, i.e, royal wedding.
We were well briefed on dos and don’ts. For instance, we are not expected to seek toilet or keep our mobile phones switched on, ….etc. while presenter is presenting. The hon’ble dasho insisted us to refrain from doing so and even quoted an example of the queen of England; “she would refrain from taking fluids a week before she goes for public functions. She would spent her whole day in the public”. That’s good food for thought. But one thing I still wonder is that would she be standing in the same hall like ours with no air conditioning system, no fans, no ventilations? Hon’ble dasho was also right in reminding us that we come there to sleep, but to be realistic who will not feel sleepy in that type of surrounding? Designers and engineers probably might have designed the building few years back when Thimphu was not so hot as today. Here comes one big question for engineers; should we incorporate the effect of climate change in our designs? Should we keep provisions for fans and ventilations even in the places which we consider as cold now?
I feel blessed to be part of this program and hoping have pleasant and fruitful session.


  1. well.....there can always be interference from a designer's part in making the building the way it should relate with future and present conditions of everything around. in gist, building is a product of a design which is of course arrived at keeping in considerations of climate, social, economics, laws, and many more. there are more factors that influence the design. with change in climate, there are more problems in buildings which is also an extra opportunities for the architects to consider for the building. well,,,for your matter where the provisions of such facilities may not have been thought of then...but then there can always have some temporary adjustments. anyway, in the first place only, i doubt whether the building was designed keeping in mind the number of people you guys gathered that day...i mean with much more people, there is always a possibility of much heat generated from the people only.....

  2. yes la;
    surely heats are generated from people only.... overcrowded ...