Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Why I am not employed : My Ideal Job description

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I am fresh graduate looking for job. I am not sure where I will be employed sooner or later. Only god knows! My priority is to get into civil service or in a private firm even though with strong objections and dejections in later from all mentors and relatives alike. Truthfully speaking, my passion is to become an entrepreneur. I won’t mind even if I earn lesser by many folds than my counterparts. I relish doing things on my own and to me this is necessary tool to boom individual’s abilities and also to identify the true aptitude. On many occasions, I tried to do what pleases me, and to some extent I must boldly mention that I know where my interest lies partially if not fully.

Nowadays it is perfect time for me to further consolidate close knit family ties with kin and kith. I always thank god for whatever have been endowed to me and I wish to ask for fulfilling only holistic deeds henceforth. I oftentimes aspire to serve any of the sectors with deep loyalty and dedication. But, at the same time I keep myself reminded about my finicky nature towards task to be performed. If I am frantic to earn for some cause I will definitely take up the fastest job offer. Where is my area of interest in this case? I am not doing justice to my conscience. I am not at all desperate to find a job. I definitely found one and could have joined if I am not so much conscious of my interest.
My interest lies at managing events, social services, social gatherings and some undefinable ones. But, big question is ‘will there be any job as I envisage’ keeps flowering in my mind. Every time whenever I meet my previous school mates or college mates I try to ask about their job responsibilities versus satisfaction and about their desire to continue doing the job. The answers consisted of different perspectives from different individuals; some gave funny answers, some desperate, some interesting and some promising ones. What I realized through their answers was it all depends on how we perceive it. The flour is in our hand and whether to bake to it bread or blow it in the air is up to us.
There are severeal forces which lead people to get employed; like money, placement, working environment, job responsibilities, unviability of other jobs, etc. I will definitely be choosy and wait for few more months to enter the field of my interest. Some critics say that I am wasting my time and getting into some job will earn me invaluable experiences. I definitely agree. But, I have more things to do than to acquire experiences. I use free hours of these days to consolidate my social ties, amalgamate my widespread hobbies and to judge experiences of my already working friends through the lens of neutral position.
After I join in any sector, I am determined to dedicate and grow along with the Host Company. I am hungry for platform to display my capabilities and abilities but it doesn’t mean I am extraordinarily capable. The important thing here is I have heart and career goal to be the best.  I will be opportunistic to grab every positive chances arising out of my job. My desire to show my dedication and diligence is ever increasing and is much beyond what an employer could ever have expected. These drive me to get employed rather than lucrative benefits. People define job satisfactions with their own adjectives. Of course, it is not confined to individual’s perspective. In my conscience it is, ‘satisfied with what you do’. For me the simple tap of compliment would inspire and motivate me to move forward with cause than to remunerating with other perks. So in nutshell, I prefer my immediate supervisor to be one who knows how to judge subordinates’ efforts and outputs. That is the primary element of my choosiness. I don’t want to let my efforts go in vain.
I owe much to government for bring me up so far. I want to repay by serving them firstly by joining civil service as it is a perfect place to provide social service. It is service oriented. I am deeply fascinated by the goal of civil servants even though they are paid relatively lesser. My dream to serve is cumulating and I sincerely hope one day I will be given perfect platform to realize all my dreams.
Let’s hope every job seeker gets job of his/her interest and may be given the platform to showcase their talents and abilities. 


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