Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Photo of the MOnth

Check out timings carefully and say what you see ???

A good example of team work!


  1. Hey Sir,
    I know from where you got your first picture.
    I know some lines are not visible but I will tell you what it means....

    9 am - 5 Pm. its summer timing. It is applicable to all the Government offices all around the country

    9 am - 4 pm, like likewise is winter timing.

    1 pm - 1:30 Pm is cargo clearing time on Weekends.

    and Ya the office is given only 30 min as lunch break. I dont know whether that is a fair idea or not. but In 30 min time u can hardly boil water for your tea or coffee......

    by the way...colours do fade with time....so nothing to panic...la

    and about your second picture, it shows a great team work....But I am afraid... to see that..


  2. thanks my friend ........ no offence intended ... i was just curious .
    thanks for your clarification.

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