Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tuesday : Early Drivers' day

The recent initiative of 'Pedestrian Day' on Tuesdays has generated mixed reactions. Some like it, while others  with or without any substantial reasons blame the move. It is natural to revolve our chats around most recent happenings. As a human, it is inherently habituated to resist the change. For instance, quite often, I am very uncomfortable with new features in my facebook page. I know, I must make myself adaptable with those changes and take positve advantages of the new change and after all be the change itself. Nothing is constant in this world. The only constant is, the constant change. 
Cycling for fun
The chit-chat may be indulged to disgrace the intent behind the initiative but in my opinion, anyone with common sense should think twice before doing so. What can we really contribute by doing so? What are we going to loose by doing so? Even if we can't appreciate its noble intentions, at least, lets stop others from doing it. Let's stop contravening the positively framed action that will benefit ourselves in long run. I don't see any problem in walking even in scorching sunny days or raining 'cats and dogs'. Infact, it is inconvinient and I too, notwithstanding being the ardent supporter of the intiative, sometimes feel ill-at-ease for the change. But, I must have passion and patience to let the walking be part of my travel agenda. I got too conditioned travelling in car, no matter how short the destination is. No one can deny the fact that modern technology breeds laziness as a part of inherent character.

Many people for one reason or other are quite reluctant to walk. One cannot deny the fact that it is not easy for all the people to adapt at once. Some really needs transportation system for inevitable reasons. But, I say we must change for good and better future. What did we really loose by walking on past two Tuesdays? We have walked, we have saved fuels, we anyhow adhered to Government's circulations, still; why most people fail to appreciate the and satisfied with what has been already done. As far as I am concerned, even if one cannot really digest the logic behind the move, at least, don't negatively influence other people. Nothing is impossible. Let's make it practical.
I don't understand even some office goers rush before 8am and wait till 6pm in the office to drive. On the other hand, taxi drivers are busier than ever before at dusk and dawn. Does it mean we really lack common sense? People have time to waste in the office simply for the sack for evading from good cause. So we really need to think deep. We often misinterpret the meaning of discipline for freedom of democracy. The freedoms of democracy never urged citizens to clamor for anything they like and be so cynic. The vindictive talks says, this ruling party won't be re-elected in 2013.......he he .......It sounds rather funny.
So, lastly, I am strictly respecting the initiative and hoping to see all people appreciate and stop giving our poor government back-handed-compliments.

Let's believe in saying, 'It is never too late to mend', rather than on 'you cannot teach an old dog a new trick'.

NB: No offence intended for those who are genuinely in need of transportation services.  


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