Monday, July 09, 2012

Airport final - my first final at Paro

 Yesterday was not so hot and not so cold. The final was scheduled to be at 1530 Hours. I was little bit excited and bit anxious that our match would be terrible if in case heavens open. It started raining at around mid-day, it agitated me a lot. I was in the Paro town by then attending promotion lunch of my cousin's husband and I looked up the sky and progression of pessimism of having fair-weather-play started intensifying into my conscience. Quite constantly, I got out on varandah to see the intensity of the rain and the condensation in clouds. The clouds looks dark, murky and thick with mists which made my lunch session less enjoyable. Then, I left it to almighty himself do whatever he likes to do, just hoped for the best and got out of my anxious thoughts. 
We reported to the field half an hour before the scheduled time, started pre-match build-ups rigorously. We finally kicked off the final match. We were too optimistic and already by reaching the finals without even loosing a match both in league and knockout stages helped us to develop the mentality of winners....  but I tell you it is not a big tournament and I don't mean to allude our team so good, we all are late learners. We enjoy playing together, which is the greatest part of being a team. Little bit of apprehension grew in me as our supporters and neutral viewers alike by degrees started gathering; just pondering, in case, if we fail to entertain them?

The match went well. Both the teams gave their best for many reasons like, to grab the trophy, to enjoy the game being played and to entertain the onlookers. The game, I hope went well especially from viewers' perspective. For me, I gave my best for aforesaid reasons and I simply enjoyed the game, being totally engrossed in the game itself. The weather was too favorable and everybody present there relished its moderateness.
After nearly two hours of play, the whistle was blown and scores were 3-1 in our favor. Mild hand shakes,  wading-like walks and glint of smile on faces are usual ambiance after every final in football field and so is ours. Everybody on winners side seems relieved and easy and on the other hand, smiles with even greater reasons are seen on the other team members.
After the match was dinner. Varieties of wines, drinks and snacks added more colour to it. I just hoped for bond-fire but somehow it could not be arranged. I just said to myself that if I am given the chance to take in-charge of entertainment, I will definitely ............. ( it just reminiscences of my college days, where I always took the charge in such events ). Anyway, it was nice get-together session and we all enjoyed it.
It is my first tournament ever after joining in Drukair. I am really happy that it is good beginning for me, "well began is half done." It is for me is a welcoming session and is definitely, must be a memory as long as I am in Drukair.
Hoping to have more of such events at Drukair.


  1. Congratulation man. Very happy to know you are always on the winner side. May GOD be with you always and guide you forever. May the knowledge of being team and its spirit in you be unforgettable with you.

    TC. Nice to hear.

    Bye bye

    1. thanks ugyen......hope you are doing fine and well ......