Thursday, May 02, 2013

Tshering Tobgay's GARI

I simply can't stop myself appreciating the gesture shown by our ex-Opposition Leader, sacrificing his soelra. It is quite materialistic way of proving selflessness and one's principles. I am proud to realize that I have rightly voted for him five years earlier. He deserved my thump. I congratulate him for this commendable action. 
Frankly speaking, if I were in his position, I would have simply kept it for myself or the current dearth of vehicles in the country could easily fetched me few millions Ngultrums for exchange. Sounds crafty! No matter how rich or poor people are, there is no cut-line limit for human desires. The only purity in one's mind for greater cause can churn for actions like that. It is easier said than done. In saying so, it may sound like being political fanatic, rather I personally offer my personal gratitude for deserving cause. 
Some may not agree with me on that stance. It is natural to have different views depending on how people perceive things or may be radical differences.
My reasons are outright and obvious ones. Firstly, the present "Orange-Scarved" leaders have greater role of setting precedence than just simply fulfilling mandates of their position. It can inhibit the political culture in the minds of common people. More than materialistic contribution, it is more about contribution in precedence and moral responsibility. 
Secondly, he is morally right in doing so. There is no point of denying that our Excellencies had shouldered much heavier responsibilities and it is well deserved.  But, just to remind ourselves that they are supposed to work for people. They had trust and confidence of people of Bhutan and so much efforts are well deserved for the country and people too. Therefore, it should not be seen as a platform to have one's contribution rewarded but rather to serve people with sincerity. In that light, it could have been wiser if all other recipients did the same.
So, once again thank you Mr. Tshering Tobgay for your considerate action to at least contribute to save the nation from emerging economic crisis. The cost of buying one prado for one of next minister is saved. It is opportunity cost of several family cars considering foreign Currency crisis.

Good luck for your upcoming elections. I hope he gets voted by people eventhough some of the menifestos of 2008 campaign still remains on posters, like road to Sangbaykha.

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