Saturday, June 19, 2010

Farewell nite for final years 2010


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this very special occasion tonight.

Today we have here bittersweet occasion. Hope this ambiance gives you the ceremonial feelings. This is just gesture showing our feeling of greatness.

Firstly, I thank my associates here and other peripheral supporters, for organising the event.

We organisers thank you all for joining us.

I on behalf of all students, thank all our respected seniors for standing by us and guiding us during your stay here in the College of Science and Technology. We are very much thankful to you all, especially to our councilors for your efforts to keep the spirits among student body alive. We thank you for devoting your time working for betterment of services and discipline within student body and college as a whole. I on behalf of all my friends’ thank you for teaching us, the ethics of college, guiding and giving us lessons through various methods. I am sure all would be thankful to you for mending our mannerisms and behaviours.

So many occasions like today’s we had together, so many funs we had together, so many picnics we enjoyed together, so many memorable things we shared. Those lovely memories are now only memories of past and especially today I have mixed feeling of joy and sorrow, for you are here today and will create vacant space which cannot be filled by mere presence of somebody. To let memories of our past togetherness during your stay make me appeal you to say let us be together forever.

I am short for word to describe how I feel today. We are deeply saddened and my heart really pains to say goodbye to our outgoing friends, but we must understand that it is inevitable part of our life and we believe in saying, “Nothing is so spacious as to have friends at a distance, they make longitudes and latitudes”. We are very much confident our friends here will excel and display their true potential given the platform to do. Therefore, we optimistically hope each one of you will find your desired path hereafter and we offer our best wishes for all your pursuits. We expect our outgoing friends to guide us when we are still in middle of the path by sharing your experiences at college and more importantly of employed life.

Four, five years before you (i.e. final years) entered the college of science and Technology as crude class XII student whose stance on studies was just mugging up things for cramming into for exams. After acquiring analytical, reasoning, and necessary rational skills you carry the prefix of ENGINEER with your names. We feel after spending your formative years at this college, you have gained more than what you have expected and what we see. Now, you are most prized asset of the college. We are very much optimistic that your performance in various fields would add extra boom to college identity, whereby more doors remain open for CST graduates in job market in competitive future.

Lastly, we genuinely beg your pardon if ever we have disappointed you during your stay in CST. We whole-heartedly believe in respecting seniors and protecting your right as per norms of the college. We without any hesitation feel that you are most suitable people within the campus to be respected. Once again, if we ever disappointed you during your stay with us, it was all due to our ignorance. Please forgive us.

Goodbyes are not forever,

Goodbyes are not end,

They simply mean, I will miss you,

Until we meet again

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  1. tshewang billa, gave me a glimpse and flash back of our stay down there in college. Wish we could rewind back the clock and have those days one again.....i miss my college days..very much.