Saturday, June 19, 2010

Teachers' day celebration 2010-cst

The birth anniversary of third Druk Gyalpo and teachers’ day was celebrated. It was on Sunday. All staff members and students gathered at 8:30 am. Actually, program is scheduled to be held in basketball court, due to unfavourable weather we all gathered in MPH.

There were speeches from both students and staff to commemorate the day. Rite after the gathering there was tea-session and informal exchange program. Students asked questions to teachers. Both teachers and students expressed their gratifications for organising the event. It was interactive session, which allowed teachers to hide their seriousness attitude as instructor and show their playful side of life.

Students invited all staff members for lunch in students mess.

In the evening, students organize a cultural show for the pleasure of staffs. All staff members and their family were warmly welcomed. Students offered tags to all staff members as when they entered the hall. The show lasted bit more than 2 hours. Everybody present was fully engrossed in show staged. Staff also presented two items.

Students expressed their unsurpassed gratitude to their teachers.

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