Monday, August 09, 2010

Responsibilty versus Character

It is tough. People are different. Entire perspective is different for different people. It’s rather hard for me to perceive my own life and my daily actions. I am inherently extrovert. I love cracking jokes, making fun with my friends, teasing others, expressing myself and have a gift of tongue for which I used to get constant blows from my mom. I joke too much. I try to find fun and be joyous at all instants of my life. That’s my life. I sometimes encountered group of people who don’t know how to accept fun at all, some can create but can’t take it for them and some keep silent and take all.
I joined the college with enormous pride as my mind was already full of positive fames of CST. We had really good time as first years. Constant reminder from seniors for our misconducts and regularly walking out of the track when young minds get together. It used to be interesting and memorable.
Our stay in college as second year and third year was not so fascinating. It meant only normal life. It only meant observing clash between two extreme batches in the college. By that time we have finished our rigorous training of our attitude in first year. Being silent observer is painful especially when fresh comers do things in their own way. We then just supplement and give recommendations to final years, just to add fuel to razing fires of final years and scrutinize all of fresher’s ‘ attitude. It is tradition of our lovely CST. But, to be the one whose attitude is to be mended, it was hard to imagine. We never looked at what benefit it would give us. What difference can it make upon our lives?

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