Thursday, December 22, 2011

One night adds one year to my life

The 29th day of the 10th month in Bhutanese calendar is very special for people of Haa and Paro. It is called Lomboo (Lomba).  It is undeniably the most special occasion for us. The memories of my past celebration with family members are still very vivid through my mind. It brings all family members together. The specialty of the occasion is marked by preparing of our traditional diet called ‘Hapi Hoentey’, which is a cluster of well-prepared vegetable ingredients enclosed inside flour baked cover. If there is one thing Haaps and Parops have to gift to friends during Lomba, it must be ‘Hoentey’ only. Believe me, anyone will appreciate its indigenous taste, if you come across
This year, it is unfortunate for me, I have to celebrate the occasion away from my parents. I must mark it as usual and make the night special with special traditional dishes. But, can I feel so special as before? We are planning to make it even more special and memorable one.

As far as my community is concerned, the Lombo day is a margin which divides our ages. No matter when we are born, soon after we cross lombo day (or night), we add one more year to our age line. For instance, if a child is born a day before Lombo, next day he/she will be two years old. The Lombo stands between those two years. That makes our Lomboo very unique from rest of the festivals and occasions. It gives me opportunity to experience silver jubilee of birth tomorrow. I become older by one year. The more responsibility descends on my shoulder as I merriment more and more Lomboos. And, one more year closer to my death day……. he he ………..
So, friends join me in celebrations and wish me a luck. 

Happy Lomboo to all those who celebrate it. 


  1. wow it that your age will always be doubled enna....that every year you celebrate your life get one bonus year. haha nway it is good you are made more conscious of the responsibilities and fore-stimulated of purposeful living. But i fear you are now 40-50myears. Nway i like this. Be proud of the custom and tradition, Enjoy, Happy Lomba and Delicious 'Hapi Hoentey (i heard a aangay from Haa giving course to the youth in YDF)’

  2. Hi Ugyen
    Thanks for taking time to read my post.
    We dont get one bonus year everytime, it is same but is only for those born a day before lomba.
    have great days ahead.

  3. hi billa,
    u guys have started to writ very nice to read yours' and ugyen always nice and interesting to share your steps moving forward...that what keeps u alive and eloquent along your way... u blogs keep me close to you..enjoy your festival and stay mindfulness..