Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I joined Drukair Corporation (DAC) with great reluctance. I preferred joining civil service over Drukair until an hour before I joined DAC. I have just begun attending the office although heavy duties are not assigned yet. I am really enjoying the work environment and the place. Everyday I meet with different people and each one has something more informative and interesting to share with me. I am really happy with that. I hope these happy environment will always remain with me.
I am very optismistic that I will be able to contribute towards company's growth and concatimantly reap my personal career growth. I have no regret and no looking back over my decision. I will strive to be the most efficient and most reliable engineer that DCA ever had. I am sure with this working attitude I will be able to provide solutions to many complex engineering problems in long run. 

One thing I should feel happy about is, my joining to DCA office is welcomed with snowfall. The natural event that rarely occurs and it is believed to be a good omen. It really relieved me. The snowfall, which used to be regular during winter months decades ago seems irregular due to climate change. I feel myself blessed to join DCA with first snowfall for the year.

For want of time I am not able to write in detial but I try to fine more appropirate time to convince all those who had faith in me until now and especially to those who advised me to opt for civil service. I must exhort them to believe that my decision is right and there can be no better alternative. My journey has just begun and I have long way to go. May blessing from Gods and wishes from parents and friends will make my journey a sucessful and swift one.

Good Luck to all readers.

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