Saturday, January 21, 2012

My First Life

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I brought packed-lunch in my office. It is first time in my life after being employed. Yesterday, I browsed the website of Bhutan Broadcasting Service (  to check the auspiciousness and luckily it was a perfect day to shift to a new house or to shift house. So, I shifted to my rented apartment. It was also a first time in my life. It marks beginning of my new working and independent life. I have to live alone, away from love of parents, cook and sweep for myself. It is more exciting and a new experience to cherish. I am excited. I was accompanied by paternal uncles and some friends of them. The entire process, beginning from cleaning the floor, wiping off cobwebs, cleaning glasses, arranging window curtains, listing the items for shopping, packing baggage, etc., were part of new excitements I developed.
It marks my own historic event of life. The working life has just begun and I am fully aware that I have long way to go. The formal studies within the country has come to an end at least for these few years. Now, I must start learning the skills at work and must work hard to discover the path that will elevate to highest standards. I am fully decided to remain faithful to the company and be opportunistic to build my own capacity in line with company's goals.
Whenever  I converse with people, they often ask me, "Why did you quit Civil Service?" Then, being tired of explaining everything, I say, "Only god knows." They tend be view civil service as greener grass. There are more chances of becoming 'Dasho' and Drukair is wrong place for me. It is obvious and I have no reservations on that. But, what's point on becoming a Dasho? At the end of our life, we will be remembered for our kindness and how helpful we were to society. I have every chances of becoming anyone I like, provided, I have the right qualities and right aptitude for it. Conversely, I also have good set of friends who always drag me through right path and encourages me at every instant towards positive path. I am thankful for that. 
 I have not even a bit of regret on my decision. I always look opportunities in my own company instead of comparing myself with friends in other sectors. This keeps me moving forward everyday and gives me more reason to love the job I do and dedicate to it. Everday, I approach the workplace with purpose to learn at least one new thing. This helps me to remain spiritually connected with my workplace.
I sincerely hope begining of my new life would be a promising one.


  1. Good writing there. The staff here were also asking why did u quit civil service. Anyways just wanted to tell you that the grass is green on both sides of the fence if you know how to make it green. Cheers....

  2. Thanks for taking time to read my crude opinions. Anyway, as you said, it is in ourselves to make our grasses greener than others. ...........

  3. Good to know that you are having a great time learning new things in the company. Remember that team work is very essential part of working in an aviation industry. See u in the field. - Phala.

  4. thanks kota...... together we can contribute more'

  5. Nice article man , m also facing the same....

  6. Definately, you will also have your own pros and cons.
    Always have postive work attitude.
    Thanks for taking time to read this.