Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My postpaid number saves you

Just as an information to my friends: this is my new number -17113380 and please dial me on this number if you are not able to connect with me on other number. 

Nokia 3220- my first mobile
Mobile phones are born in Bhutan much later than me. I still remember the year 2003, when Bhutan got connected with mobile network. I was in Haa (studying in Ugyen Dorji Higher Secondary School) then. Most of us were not so familiar with it but anyhow we embraced the technology. Haa got its share of connection only back in mid of 2006. As a student we overused the services and quite often visited telecom service center to get the terms explained or to solve pin code error-problems.  'Missed-call' games were our favorite past-time game as the charges per unit for calls were so high. I can't simply recall how that simple NOKIA (black and white) mobile proved to be such a handy companion that time when even the phones with facilities like GPS, 3G, Multimedia, etc. can't find their place in present day daily lives.  
For the first time in my life my brother gifted me with the mobile phone (Nokia -3220) in the same year with prepaid number ........ then my mobile was just used for voice calls and SMS only. The most of the present day mobile facilities were not there. I enjoyed so much on the first occasion like any one have done. Recharging the account was equally a big hurdle as studying day and night. I tried to control the call-flows most niggardly than before but just to drain my balance even faster.
While recharging the account balance, nobody really bothered about the waste voucher cards after using it. I was also with the others. At some point, the waste generated really made me to think and rethink. I just thought, what if the size of voucher cards are reduced or can it be replaced with other alternatives ? I was little oblivion of alternatives like e-load facilities. I always kept the inkling that something can be done to improve its waste management. 
Few years back, while doing my On-Job-Training (OJT) at Phuntsholing, I always used e-load service to recharge. After reporting back to college, I personally requested the shops within the college campus to have e-load facilities. Even though they agreed in principle, but we could not get the service. E-load for me is very noble facility and should be mandatory for all voucher dealers. Whenever I had to recharge my account balance, I always asked for e-load but disheartening to know that most voucher sellers don't even know about it; too bad. 
It is indeed very good initiative of Bhutan Telecom Limited (BTL) to offer occasional bonuses for collecting either 50 or 100 pieces of used vouchers. Kudos to BTL. On flipping the thought, I strongly feel, it should be regular activity or it should be available any time (any one coming with certain number of used voucher cards should be awarded bonus) . This is because, BTL should be held responsible for their own waste. This  move will stir at least some section of society to be conscious before freely disposing it.  
 Very recently, the concept of using post paid number clicked my mind. I was too tired of scratching the voucher cards and even more tiring to let environment get polluted. The general concept of post-paid number at first was that it is for high income people. I too had the same. But now, I realized, it is for everyone. It is for those who love to save the environment and time as well. So, I subscribed for one postpaid number today. I had hard time convincing the lady at customer's desk at Bhutan Telecom to get the number I wanted. I will at least save the time spent going around shop buying vouchers-scratching it-entering 13 digit code-etc., reduce the few more voucher cards on the earth. 
So, I am hoping many more friends would use post-paid numbers in times to come or use the facilities like e-loading. 
Thank you all for saving the environment. 


  1. thank you for the insight... using a post paid no. & its importance didnt click my mind until now. After having gone through ur post i m much enlightened. I appreciate ur effort and will spread the words for saving the environment.

    1. thanks you for your time to read it and hope we will be succesful in our endeavour .......