Monday, November 26, 2012

Blogging suspension

I have not been able to update my blog posts for past few months. It was difficult for me. As it is peak tourist season, employees at our company are little busier than other seasons. It has kept people working in tourism and other allied sectors occupied as well. I was not too busy but little busier than other times. So, I intentionally kept myself away from blogging even though I am too active on other social media. My office day usually begins at 5 a.m and I get in touch with online world the moment I am there in office.
Rising early makes my day so fresh. I enjoy the small hours of the morning mostly by walking from home to office. The fresh and chilly air, calm surrounding and peaceful walk makes it more meaningful. I also recite prayers in the morning. This makes me start my day with all positive thoughts. 
I really wanted to resume blogging. I thank all those readers and followers who took time and patience to read my crude opinions and I must mention that you all are the only reason which made me to try writing and keep improving. Thank you for everything. 

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