Friday, December 28, 2012

One year at Drukair

It was exactly 12 months ago I choose to join Drukair. December 27, 2012 completes my one year of working life with Drukair. It was really a swift journey for me. I enjoyed working for last one year. I experienced good starting. The memories reflecting back the same day of last year are still vivid and it brings back the feelings of different emotions. It was surprise to everyone, my parents, relatives, friends and comrades alike to see me opting for Drukair. It was even shocking decision for myself. Earlier, I was too much interested to serve as civil servant. The principles, motto and core activities of civil servants lured me to be the one. My decision caught myself in  controversial manner. 
My choices  of places to work for are Paro and Phuntsholing. So it was immense pleasure and glory to choose the place I long yearned for. But, still, it takes me to the state of nostalgia to relive the days where I was caught in the state of quandary. I had tough time a year earlier.

Nevertheless, I have no regret in choosing to work for Drukair. Just twelve months of working without any major break was enough for me to go through unprecedented transitions life. The real taste of working and adult life took me to the newer and broader horizons of life.
For first few months, I missed my college and carefree youth life so much. It made me sick to let the memories of past flash back, but, as a matter of fact, I knew that I have to inevitably embrace the situation with honor and pride.  And being already horned by adversities of life at some stages, it was little easier to realize the consequences. And, now I feel, I am well established with the working surroundings and other norms of the company. As we know, Bhutan is small country with limited scope to choose for when it comes to employment. So, best thing we can be is ‘extraordinarily adaptable’ to any job nature. I am more focused on my own opportunities impending rather than twisting neck towards opportunities in other sectors. This keeps me motivated to work with greater enthusiasm. I must keep going forward. I have hopes to work for and desires to fulfill.
Every day the theoretical knowledge of practical working life is put into test. Each day I am equally excited as my first day to work communally with friends and to learn new things that comes along with daily schedules.  Not even single day I was being neglected or I felt so. It was great experience working with most wonderful and jolly friends. The days never miss a bit of laughter and sharing of good-fun amongst ourselves. It is truly happy surrounding.
I sincerely hope that we will be able to fulfill our hopes and dreams in the days, months and years to come. Let the blessings of Kencho Sum and wishes of our well-wishers come true for promising future at Drukair and concomitantly grow along with the company.  
My heartiest gratitude to Drukair management, my office-mates and to all my friends who made my stay here fruitful one.
Happy anniversary to my friends Tshering Phala and Karma Jorden Dendup. It was great and pleasant experience working with you two. Good luck for all your future endeavours. Tashi Delek.

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