Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hoping to drive home soon

Each day of democratic process brings us a newer experiences and different realizations. Over the past few decades people felt blessed to be led by the leadership of JYT's pedigree under the guidance of their majesties. But, nothing could stand the test of time, it is time for change even though JYT is still revered and undisputed.
Road to Sangbaykha as of 2013
It was pleasant surprise for me to see People's Democratic Party (PDP) winning  32 seats out of 47 in general elections. They made an extraordinary encroachment into Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) strongholds. The grueling campaign around the country by TT and his team fueled by a rampant online 'rumours and pledges' seemed to have pierced the hearts of the electorates. Now, it is time to put PDP government led by young leaders to test.  
The great challenges lie ahead of Bhutan and her new democracy. It would be interesting to see PDP introducing totally new faces into the cabinet which rarely happened in our history.

The first challenge is, the democratic path, which TT preached over past five years for government to follow and it is his own turn. Secondly, the revolutionary ideologies compared to DPT regime must be implemented. Thirdly, TT and PDP owe people the faith they gambled over the experienced DPT veterans.
The time has changed the face of Bhutanese politics.  
PDP must live up to their own high flying promises and fend their democratic ideologies which some pointed out to be romanticized beyond the necessity. 
Lets wait and watch how local governments perform under the greater financial autonomy and the trust and confidence from new central government.
Any change should be gradual for society to cope with and I feel it is time for change and it did. I would disagree with PDP's stance on local government's power being withheld with central government, but rather, I find it they are being too much mollycoddled.  
I enjoyed reading PDP manifesto and most of the pledges are desirable and it would be interesting to observe how rest will be delivered. I am pretty excited. I liked PDP's point on social media although it didn't mention about taking it to policy level per se.  It is the time where we no longer can stay ourselves away from the wave of social media and online influences; it is age where the people's success is measured by their popularity on social media. It is of grim necessity for any policy makers to moderate the impact and guide our younger generations. I hope new PM's omnipresence on social media could help government to understand the impending thrust. Blocking website like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. won't serve any purpose rather moderation(positive guidance) would work well.  

I sincerely congratulate PDP and the president, TT, whom I always admired for his dedication, hard work, outspoken nature, political insight and mental agility. It is deserved win for him.

The general election result was pleasant surprise for the people from my constituency and are honored to have new PM representing them. My only expectation for my constituency is to have proper motorable road connectivity which progressed with snail's pace over nearly a decade and still have miles to go.  As mentioned earlier, PDP pledges are fascinating and especially 'Helicopter' for people living away from the reach of roads like our village, but it is not something we value the most, we would not not expect anything but only road.
Hoping to drive home soon and it had been dream of generations of Sangbebs. Not just a dream but only the dream. 

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