Thursday, September 26, 2013

CST Kuenphen Tshogpa

It is nice to see the activities of CST-Kuenphen Tshogpa (CKT) catching the attention of Kuensel (Sept. 25, 2013 edition)  It is the first time since its inception in 2009. I am privileged to be  amongst the founding members in 2009 and we have put in every effort to make our Tshogpa as an ideal platform to serve less fortunate souls. So, I just wanted to share some of my experiences and satisfactions we were able to reap out of it. 
We consisted of 25 members initially as Rover Scouting . We carried out small activities within the college campus but soon the members with strong commitment felt that we should work for change. We were able to offer few decent services in and around the college campus and from there on picked up the momentum. As we seemed to be governed by our own values and activities planned originally, most people suggested us to create our own identity and also being Rovers seems too mainstream for few. So, finally the name CST-Kuenphen Tshogpa is born.
Chumuna School, Chukha, May 2,2011
Our values were simple as simple as, "Providing selfless service to others without expecting anything in return.Instead, find pleasure in what you do."  
I felt fortunate for Tshogpa to have all sorts of supports from the members and in fact, the entire CST family members. It made my stay in CST.
As our activities kicked off, the supports and morale were getting higher than expected. This drove us further and created necessary motivational lift to work more sincerely and which in turn helped us to garner even more supporters and well-wishers. This is how we initially rose through chain of support and action.  I still clearly remember the dedication and  degree of cohesion we had while travelling towards common goal. It is beyond words to describe.
We were faced with shortage of time and money initially. We started with 'Zero Fund'and it is not likely to change even in future. The series of activities were devised and sincere efforts were put in to overcome the constraints. And, we did.  The purposes were clear and precise, so nothing could halt our momentum. The funds, as in many cases, were collected through voluntary donations, shows, games and lotteries (for which we nearly got into trouble for not seeking approval). The transparencies in financial and overall progress of our Tshogpa were always there for supporters to make them feel part of greater picture. We also made it sure to present bi-annually the progress and the reach of our helping hands to all our supporters. This always assured us with unflinching supports from them. This is how we maintained our accountability with those who contributed. 
My experience with Tshogpa took me to newer horizons of life and enriched me with many realities of life too. I have learnt that we Bhutanese are too good and truly keen to help others. It is all about how well we convey the clear purposes and at the same time bringing to fruition.
For the current members of Tshogpa, I tell you that, all of us are happy to see you all keeping the spirits of Tshogpa alive and of course, you all have taken it to the next higher level. It is all about team work and no single person can achieve such a feat alone. We know what it takes to do the things which we see you doing everyday. Our materialistic and tangible achievements are very less by any standards-it is the attitude and the purpose that matters. You must have already felt the sense of fulfillment as you go and we know that it is not something new,but still, travelling the path and seeing the path has huge differences. 
I congratulate all members of CKT since 2009 for the astounding deeds and hope the cause and purpose to work always remains in the souls of social workers. 
It is the action that separates. We know that at least everyone has a part 'heart-of-gold' but it is the putting it into action that makes you the person of value. It is always easier said than done. Well done and Tashi Delek to all. 


  1. Namgay and Rinzin
    Thanks for taking time to read. Keep reading

  2. I appreciate the hard work and services your group rendered for the benefit for those in need. Kudos and keep writing totsha.