Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A Night By Chance

Air New Zealand Aviation Institute hosted the joint graduation night on November 28, 2013 for three Airline Customer Service (ACS) batches and two Engineering classes including my class. They all have graduated already except our class; they are already out in the job market since several weeks ago.
Our class on the stage 
Our class is actually not supposed to be included. But, in the beginning of the course, we were informed that our graduation is on November 28, 2013. We were excited. On the contrary,  our last course is scheduled to finish on  December 13, 2013 only. And, some time in October, the Institute management realised this discrepancy and tried  not to include our class in the ceremony but it was too late to have our consent as some of our classmates’ parents or relatives  already had tickets booked. So, after few deliberations, we were re-invited.

We haven’t graduated yet but we have graduated because we had official graduation night.

I got pretty excited days before and went around to get perfect fit business suit. We were asked to report at institute Hangar area, where the event is to be held at 6pm. David Everst (the best student of our class and nicknamed GOOGLE as he has answer for all our questions) drove me  around to get a decent pair of shoe for me which took us few hours visiting three different towns mainly because of our finicky cost criteria.
Soon after I got home, I could not wait myself readying. Billy offered us lift till hotel near Auckland international airport where we were to wait for rest of the class and especially Limousine to arrive. Gradually, most of us were there and we waited for others quite impatiently- I can see in all faces how excited we were. Notwithstanding the traffic congestions, everyone made it by 5:40pm. Inside Limousine it was much fun with champagne, howling, singing, posing wacky faces at the cameras. We acted like as if it was our last day on the earth. It was wonderful and joy ride. We were warmly received by our instructors and other staff members  at the institute entrance as we alighted the Limousine. Our Limo-ride plan was kept away from rest of the students or staff, which added a little bit of charm in our ride.
The atmosphere inside was very welcoming and touchy. I could see most of our friends surrounded by their family members and loved ones. The glint of smiles  outshone lights in all directions. And, it was genuine. I wished, what if my parents are here tonight? I have extended my invitations to my house owner and two other flatmates and they joined us which relieved me a bit. We posed for few snapshots and eagerly headed into the Hangar area for event to commence.
The night started with traditional/ancestral Maori dance followed by the series of thought provoking speeches by guest speakers, a magnificent show by ACS class and the individual certificate presentations.
Then it was our turn. Our class was called up on the stage as others but we were just standing on the stage for a flash of moment, smiling at the audience and waving as we had nothing to do. I thought if we could stand there for little longer but said to myself, “we haven’t graduated yet! But we did.” The awards for like ‘Best Student’, ‘Most Improved Student’, etc. were announced.  
Overall, I had very wonderful night and it is definitely a night to treasure the memory. I personally take this as a consolation for missing my 2013 Graduate convocation in Bhutan few weeks ago. It did balance well against my expectations from the convocation.
Did it happen by chance? Yes, it was a night by chance.
Whatsoever the case may be, it is clearly a time for us to head back to Bhutan, our sweet home. There is no place like home. Honestly, I have many sincere reasons to miss Bhutan and our way of life. I will be back to where I belong soon and I am ever dedicated than before to serve Drukair with true purpose and thank everyone for making this happen.
Now, as we embark on real life challenges, I wish all my friends sincere best wishes in all their pursuits. Congratulations to those who already got job offers and others as well.

Tashi Delek to all.

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